• Petra Summer Program

    July 7 - 29, 2020
    Petra Christian University
  • Petra Summer Program

    July 7 - 29, 2020
    Petra Christian University
  • Petra Summer Program

    July 7 - 29, 2020
    Petra Christian University
  • Petra Summer Program

    July 7 - 29, 2020
    Petra Christian University

About Petra Summer Program 2020

Petra Summer Program (PSP) is a three-week program (July 7 – 29, 2020) full of fun and interactive edutainment delivered fully in English and open for students from both Petra Christian University (Petra) and its partners. Petra, founded in September 22, 1961, is a private university in Surabaya accredited ‘A’ by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education, the Ministry of National Education and Culture of Republic of Indonesia. In addition, Petra is awarded with 5-star international accreditation by the Global Accreditation Association (GAA) for its commitment and credibility in the educational field.

This year, PSP 2020 offers a unique approach focusing on problem solving and student-based learning. You will propose a project that will be shared to the community. You will spend your time in the field to feel and observe the real conditions of the old town (the study case area) in order to identify problems to propose a creative project.

The project proposal preparation will be guided by lecturers and experts from Petra, specializing in language and culture, culinary, tourism, & industry/manufacturing. PSP 2020 has three exciting stages of learning: studying cases with friends and the community in the field, discussing project with the experts, and last but not least: enjoying a trip to BALI!

PSP 2020 takes place in two big Indonesian cities: Surabaya and Bali *)

SURABAYA: July 7 – 25, 2020 The first three nights working at the site to feel and observe the real conditions and problems of the old town; continue working at Petra campus, attending lectures and related projects.
BALI: July 26 – 29, 2020 You will enjoy the beauty of Bali by visiting various tourist destinations.

*) For international participants: accommodation in Surabaya and Bali, and flight from Surabaya to Bali (one way) are included in the registration fee. For Petra’s student: accommodation and return flight from Bali are included. 

PSP 2020 offers:

  • hands-on experience,
  • on-field observation and practical training,
  • exposure to Indonesian culture,
  • various daily activities with local people,
  • tons of happy memories to cherish once PSP comes to an end, and
  • trip to BALI

PSP 2020 facilitates your needs to:

  • learn Indonesian language and culture,
  • develop international networks and exposure,
  • spend summer in a rewarding and productive way!

Petra with 400 faculty members and 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students is ready to welcome you to join the most fun and educational Summer Program in Surabaya, Indonesia!

Have a splashing good time learning local cultures of Indonesia at PSP 2020!


Indonesian Language & Culture (ILC)

Indonesian Language & Culture (ILC)

In Indonesian Language and Culture, you will learn daily Indonesian language such as introducing yourself, telling activities and places especially in Surabaya and Bali. In this summer program, you will be exposed more to the culture of Chinese Indonesian people in Surabaya. Moreover, you will get the experience of painting the Batik cloth yourself and bring it home as the souvenir. You will also enjoy Indonesian pop culture such as movies and music. Explore the Indonesian language and culture by joining this program.

Indonesian Culinary Arts (ICA)

Indonesian Culinary Arts (ICA)

Experience a three-week summer cooking classes by mastering some of the best Indonesian Culinary Culture. This summer, join us on a Indonesian Chinese-inspired culinary journey. From gado-gado, Beef rendang, sate ayam, rawon, nasi goreng, lontong cap go meh to klepon, lapis Surabaya and lemper, these Indonesian flavors await you in our culinary lab.

So, if the smell of food roasted over open BBQ flame, the sizzle of sautéing food over the stove and the clean fresh aroma of zesting a kefir lime whets your appetite, please join us at the Indonesian Culinary Arts program. 
Our chefs will teach you essential techniques to:

  • cook boldly with Indonesian herb and spices
  • add a new twist (Chinese-inspired) to an old classic culinary tradition
  • increase your knowledge of Indonesian food
  • create great food presentations that everyone will be convinced came from a top restaurant
Share your love of food with like-minded peers from over 10 countries, test your skills against fellow foodie enthusiasts and build up to the “Ultimate Food Battle” where newly made friendships step aside as the flames heat up. No matter who takes top honors, you are all winners on this culinary adventure.

Your kitchen uniform is yours to keep as a reminder of your summer adventure with us. This cooking class is the best summer programs for you to have.

Indonesian Tourism Campaign (ITC)

Indonesian Tourism Campaign (ITC)

Indonesia Tourism Campaign is designed to create a creative public relations campaign for special interest tourism in Indonesia especially. This year, you will learn about Chinese heritage tourism in Surabaya. The program focuses on sustainable tourism in Indonesia, costing, public relations campaigns, writing techniques, also producing audio and video. At the end of the course, you will make some creative communication tools to support the campaign of the Chinese heritage tourism in Surabaya. The final result should be a great addition to a portfolio for you.

Special Program for Industrial Challenge and Exposure (SPICE)

Special Program for Industrial Challenge and Exposure (SPICE)

A three-week program full of challenge and interactive edutainment part of PSP.  You will learn the basic of Lean Manufacturing and how it is applied in real industry.

This year SPICE will have a special case study at old food & beverage factories in Surabaya China Town. The first one is Marga Mulya noodle factory which has been established since 1948 and able to maintain their traditional noodle making which passed down to the third generation. Another factory to visit is Siropeen telasih Surabaya, the first syrup company in Indonesia and it was owned by a Dutch company J.C Van Drongelen and Hellfach. It has been established since 1923. You will also visit modern factories in Surabaya to see and learn h
ow modern factories run their business.

This program challenges you to be able to formulate problems, explore information and data, and analyze them. The goal is you can propose some ideas to improve the process or the product of the old food & beverage factories in Surabaya China Town, so the business can be more sustainable and competitive with modern factories.


Courses for PSP should be designed at an introductory university level. Typically, four academic credits for international students and three academic credit for Petra students are transferable to a students’ home university for successful completion of a course, which should involve roughly 45 class hours.


International students

650 USD *)

Petra’s students

4.200.007 Rupiah **)

*) The fee includes: 3 nights’ accommodation and breakfast in Kokoon Hotel (Kembang Jepun area), 15 nights’ accommodation and breakfast in Square Hotel (near Petra campus), 3 nights in Denpasar hotel, one-way flight ticket Surabaya-Bali (30 kg luggage), entry fee in Bali tourist destination, lunch and local transportation during the program, PSP merchandise, and document check.
**) The fee includes: credit fee for 3 SKS Mata Kuliah, return ticket Surabaya-Bali (20 kg luggage), entry fee in Bali tourist destination, lunch and local transportation during the program, and PSP merchandise.


Open for undergraduate (minimum second year) and graduate students from any disciplines.

Registration & Payment deadline: April 28, 2020

International Student

  • 3 nights’ accommodation and breakfast in Kokoon Hotel (Kembang Jepun area)
  • 15 nights’ accommodation and breakfast in Square Hotel (near Petra campus)
  • 3 nights in Denpasar hotel
  • one-way flight ticket Surabaya-Bali (30 kg luggage)
  • entry fee in Bali tourist destination
  • lunch and local transportation during the program
  • PSP merchandise

Petra Student

  • credit fee for 3 SKS Mata Kuliah
  • return ticket Surabaya-Bali (20 kg luggage)
  • lunch and local transportation during the program
  • PSP merchandise


File Info Link
Dress code in Petra Christian University Download
Schedule PSP 2020 Download
Syllabus - Indonesian Language & Culture (ILC) Download
Syllabus - Indonesian Culinary Arts (ICA) Download
Syllabus - Indonesian Tourism Campaign (ITC) Download
Syllabus - Special Program for Industrial Challenge and Exposure (SPICE) Download
Statement Letter Form Download


Academic sessions will be held on 8 - 29 July 2020. There will be 5 active days in a week, from 9 am to 4 pm (GMT +7). Activities vary from class activities to on-site activities. Make sure you have the suitable clothing for each activities.

In the registration process you can choose three (3) programs that interest you. We will process your choices. Of the three (3) choices, in the end you will get two (2) programs. We will announce your classes on 8 July 2020 at the Opening Ceremony.

Firstly, fluency in English is a must because all classes, tests, communication, information, announcement, and documents will be delivered fully in English.

Secondly, you must prepare, complete and submit all the required documents for registration, such as:
a. Nomination Form (by your International Office)
b. Statement Letter (see Download)
c. Colored Copy of Passport (international student only)
d. Colored Copy of ID Card or KTP (Petra student only)

Thirdly, you must prepare your flight details and visa. You are required to submit and inform the Boarding Pass of your flight schedule.

The payment deadline is the same as the registration deadline, which is 28 April 2020. After completing the registration form, you will immediately enter the payment stage to complete your registration.
USD 650 (for international students) including flight from Surabaya to Bali, local transportation in Surabaya and Bali, accommodation, breakfast and lunch in Surabaya and Bali (except on free days), program kits, certificate, academic transcript, and Bali trip.

IDR 4.200.000 (for Petra students) including flight from Surabaya to Bali and vice versa, local transportation in Bali, lunch in Surabaya (except on free days), breakfast and lunch in Bali (except on free days), program kits, certificate, academic transcript, and Bali trip. Petra students don't need to pay credits anymore. The price does not include other travel costs, medical/travel insurance, or personal expenses.
Credit card, bank transfer, ATM, Online Payment (e.g. OVO and Dana)
PSP has a cashback promo for international students only. If your university nominates more than 5 applicants, you will get the benefit of 15% discount. The cashback will be given at the PSP Closing Ceremony and the amount will be in IDR.

You can, but under these terms and conditions:

Petra students: You must send an official statement to psp.admin@petra.ac.id. Please type all of your information, including your name, Student No. (NRP), and reason. Please provide the supporting document to back up your statement.

International students: Should your Visa application has been declined, you may cancel the attendance by notifying us via email. You must ask your university’s International Office to write a Cancellation Email for you and send it to psp.admin@petra.ac.id. PSP Committee must receive the written confirmation. In the cancellation email, kindly attach the official proof of the visa rejection issued by the Embassy/Consulate where the visa was being processed.

The Petra Summer Program shall be entitled to retain a proportion of the academic program fees to reflect irrecoverable costs.

Refund Policy: Cancellation before 1 June 2020 will get a 70% refund of balance minus the bank transfer fees. Cancellation after 1 June 2020 will get NO REFUND.

Yes. Our courses can gain you credit if the classes meet the credit requirements of your university and the curriculum that you are following there. Applicants should confirm in advance of any potential issues regarding the transfer of credits earned at PSP 2020 by consulting with a representative at their home university. International students will earn 4 credits while Petra students will earn 3 credits for joining and successfully completing Petra Summer Program. There will be 18 meetings with a duration of 150 minutes, bringing the total to 2,700 minutes.
Yes, you will. PSP Committee will provide you transcript and certificate at the end of program.
We grade you based on the Academic Grading Policy (Alphabetical Score = Numerical Score Range) below: 

A = 86 – 100 / B+ = 76 – 85 / B = 69 – 75 / C+ = 61 – 68 / C = 56 – 60 / D = 41 – 55 / E = 0 – 40
You might! Avoid failing the program by attending each and every single class and activity of your selected program, finish all projects and training sessions as assigned by your selected program, take the Final Test/Final Project seriously, and follow through your selected program from the beginning until the very end, which is 8 - 29 July 2020.
PSP classes have 15 minutes tolerance for late-comers, although it can differ according to the lecturers. You will be considered absent if you are late more than the agreed time.
You will pass your selected program by achieving 75% attendance of the program. If you have no other choice but to skip some classes due to logical and acceptable reasons, make sure you skip NO MORE than 3 sessions. If you skip more than 3 sessions, you will automatically fail the program.
Yes. You will have access to Wi-Fi networks at Petra Christian University.
You are strongly encouraged to bring your own laptop if you have one. Make sure you bring the right charger. You are responsible for the safety and security of your belongings.
You can choose either Visa on Arrival or Socio Cultural Visa (Visa Kunjungan Sosial Budaya).
For Visa on Arrival, please apply at the first airport where you flight lands in Indonesia. For Socio Cultural Visa (Visa Kunjungan Sosial Budaya), you have to apply at the nearest Embassy/Consulate of Indonesia at least 14 working days for its processing time. You have to choose the option without Telex. The PSP Committee will provide an Admission Letter (upon completing the program payment) to support your visa application processing.

(a) Visa application process may take time, so you must consider applying for a visa well in advance because it is your full responsibility.
(b) Please make sure that the visa will be valid for the entire PSP 2020’s implementation date which is from Tuesday, 7 July 2020 until Wednesday, 29 July 2020.
(c) By the time you first arrive in any airport in Indonesia, email the photo of the airport immigration stamp on your passport to psp.admin@petra.ac.id. PLEASE make sure the quality of the photo is clear and readable.
(d) If you plan to travel in Indonesia before or after the program, please make sure that your visa will still be valid for the duration of PSP 2020 which is from Tuesday, 7 July 2020 (arrival date) until Wednesday, 29 July 2020 (departure date).
(a) You have to inform us your flight schedules to psp.admin@petra.ac.id by maximum 30 June 2020.
(b) For your arrival, make sure your flight arrives at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya, on Tuesday, July 7, 2020.
(c) For your departure, make sure your flight departs from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali, on Wednesday, 29 July 2020.
(d) PSP Committee’s airport transfer service will be available for the international students who arrive at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya, on Tuesday, 7 July 2020 and depart from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali, on Wednesday, 29 July 2020. The airport transfer service will be only for that day.
(e) PSP Committee will arrange your flight from Surabaya to Bali.
(f) All PSP participants will fly together to Bali. The plane will be arranged by PSP committee. Once you are in Bali, all transportation related to the program will be provided by the committee. However, if you plan to visit places outside the program arrangement, you will have to arrange for your own transportation.
(g) If you arrive and depart on another date, please arrange accommodation and local transportation personally. Your accommodation during program is booked ONLY from Tuesday, 7 July 2020 to Wednesday, 29 July 2020. All additional expenses will be covered by your own.
PSP committee will arrange your flight from Surabaya to Bali and vice versa. If you want to extend in Bali, please contact the committee by maximum 1 June 2020 so we can book your flight ticket only. You can extend your stay in Bali for maximum until 2 August 2020. All additional costs due to extension of stay will solely be your responsibility. Notification of the amount of additional fees for flight ticket and payment limits will be announced later.
In Surabaya, all international students stay at Kokoon Hotel and The Square Apartment based on the given schedule. Your room will be assigned by the PSP Committee on your arrival date (Tuesday, 7 July 2020). In Bali, the accommodation for all participants during the program will be provided by PSP committee.
No, you will share a room with fellow students with the same gender.
Yes. PSP courses are residential. We do not provide non-residential options.
No, you cannot. You are not allowed to move and change roommate. If you need, please ask PSP Committee.
There will be the laundry service at the place of accommodation. However these will not be included in the fees.
Yes, of course. For international students, during the program dates (excluding Saturday and Sunday) you will get breakfast and lunch in Surabaya and Bali. You are free to arrange your dinner. For Petra students, during the program dates (excluding Saturday and Sunday) you will get lunch in Surabaya. However, during the program in Bali, you will get breakfast and lunch. You are free to arrange your dinner.
You can use online transportation by using mobile application Grab or Go-Jek on your mobile phone. However, you can not take an online transportation from airport. If you need taxi, you can phone Blue Bird Taxi +62 31 565 1234 or using mobile application My Blue Bird.

(a) [compulsory] Appropriate clothes and shoes for campus activities. Please refer to dress code in download section
(b) [recommended] Universal adapter because there is a possibility that the electric socket in Indonesia does not match your gadget’s plug.
(c) [recommended] Personal medicine and the doctor’s prescription for that medicine, especially ones that are not available in Indonesia. The immigration and police officer might check your medicine and the doctor’s prescription.
(d) [recommended] Since Surabaya and Bali are tropical cities, you may bring a hat or an umbrella to protect you from heat.

Install LINE application and then join our LINE group: PSP 2020. PSP Committee will share information and announcement on that LINE group. You can also communicate with the PSP Committee by using this group.
You don’t need to buy Indonesian mobile number if your current mobile number is able to send and receive message via Line. If not, we encourage you to buy Indonesian mobile number.
Please refer to Contact Person.

Please exchange your money to IDR (Indonesian Rupiahs) prior to arrival. In case you do not have a chance to exchange money, PSP Committee will take you to the nearest money changer on the arrival date (Tuesday, 7 July 2020), so you have to have some cash ready to exchange.

If you want to exchange more after Tuesday, 7 July 2020, these are the nearest and recommended money changer options for you:

PT Arwita Valutama
Address: Kutisari Tennis Center Kutisari No. 54-56 Kav. 09, Surabaya
Phone: +62 31 8412 400
Business Hour: Monday to Sunday 8 am to 5 pm

Airlan Money Changer
Address: Marina Plaza Margorejo, Surabaya
Phone: +62 31 8477 198
Business Hour: Monday to Sunday 10 am to 10 pm

Dua Sisi Money Changer
Address: Tunjungan Plaza 1 Lower Ground Floor No 18 Jl. Basuki Rahmat No.8-12, Kedungdoro, Surabaya
Phone: +62 31 5326 721
Business Hour: Everyday, 10 am to 9 pm

Dua Sisi Money Changer
Address: Ciputra World Mall Surabaya Lower Ground Floor 89 Jl. Mayjend Sungkono, No. 15, Gn. Sari, Dukuh Pakis, Surabaya
Phone: +62 31 5120 0016
Business Hour: Everyday, 10 am to 9.30 pm

A1 - A4 for The Program

B1 - B6 for Information about Payment

C1 - C8 for Academics

D1 -D2 for Information about VISA

E1 - E9 for Accommodation and Transportation

F1 - F5 for Miscellaneous