Petra Summer Program 2021 Registration

Please complete all sections of this application form.
Before filling out the Form, please prepare the files that need to be uploaded and the methods of payments to be used. Files can be seen in the Download section. For the payment options, please see the FAQs. If payment is not made at the specified time (abour 1 hour), your registration will be canceled. If so, you can fill out the application form again.
Courses for PSP should be designed at an introductory university level. Please confirm in advance of any potential issues regarding the transfer of credits earned at PSP by consulting with a representative at your home university. Typically, the academic credits are transferable to students’ home university for successful completion of a course, which should involve roughly 40 class hours.

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Section E – Class Selection

Each participants can choose more than one (1) programs that interest you as long as the scheduled does not conflicts and still have quota. The participants will pay for each program.

Section F – Upload

You can download the form template here

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