Indonesian Tourism Campaign (ITC)

This program aims to introduce culture, and tourist attractions through visiting / virtual activities regarding the richness of local culture and tourist attractions. You are also expected to create a communication campaign activity of the tourist attraction through an audio-visual and written format as a communication channel.


  • Dra. Monica Ida Uniati. M.M.

            Ms. Monica is a senior lecturer in Creative Tourism Management. She has lots of experience in teaching Indonesian Tourism Geography, tour planning course and giving consultative guidance in creating various tour packages to many tourism destinations in Indonesia. Ms. Monica is also the Head of Tour & Travel Laboratory.  One of her job is mentoring internal internship of Creative Tourism Management and prepare them to be more familiar with the real travel business operation.

  • Titi Nur Vidyarini, S.Sos., M.Comms.
  • Dr. Fanny Lesmana, S.Sos., M.Med.Kom.
  • Astri Yogatama, S.Sos., M.Si.
  • Megawati Wahjudianata, S.Sos., M.Med.Kom.