Indonesian Culinary Arts (ICA)

In Indonesian Culinary Arts Program, you will learn about the culture of Indonesia through its culinary tradition, know how broad the variety of Indonesian Ingredients is being used to cook, especially its herbs and spices. Besides understanding Indonesian ingredients, you will also learn Indonesian cooking technique which is little bit different from the western cooking technique. Since you are both from International and Petra students, you will interact and collaborate in many parts of the program, including cooking, learning each country’s culture, and practicing Bahasa Indonesia. At the end of the program, you will be able to use Indonesian herbs and spices in your own fusion food recipe and know the culture of Indonesia, especially the culinary tradition of people in Surabaya.


Hanjaya Siaputra, M.A. 

  • Chef Hanjaya is specialized in modern Indonesian Cuisine. As a cooking instructor, he holds many years of experience in combining traditional dishes, taste and cooking techniques with modern ones. He's vision is to serve good honest food and inspired others to do so. 

Agung Harianto, M.M.

  • Chef Agung is an expert in artisan bread, modern pastries and traditional Indonesian snacks. With his experience, we believe that he would be great patronage for this program. His plated Indonesian dessert is exceptional.